• Rocal provides the warmth and the touch of class your home needs

  • Rocal provides the warmth and the touch of class your home needs

  • Rocal provides the warmth and the touch of class your home needs

  • Rocal provides the warmth and the touch of class your home needs

  • Rocal provides the warmth and the touch of class your home needs

  • Rocal provides the warmth and the touch of class your home needs

New website

The new website it is now available to follow the different product updates and brand news. Check all the added improvements: More interactive You can find new functions as "technical FAQ" where you can ask questions of any technical aspect: from the Installation process to and function and m ...

New season 2014-2015

Although it's a little a bit early to welcome the autumn-winter, we want to anounce that Rocal will incorporate many new fireplaces this season 2014-15. The main one are in the metallic fireplaces, but we've also added a new Insert a new Termogar and a new stove-oven-barbecue. We also have as a star ...

We're going on holiday!

Rocal will be closed for holidays from 4 to 25 August. In the back, with the batteries fully charged we will have available the new catalog and the new price list. There will be all the new signing for next season. Until the back!

Very soon, New catalog 2015

Despite the fact that we are on summer time and thinking in barbacues, in Rocal we go a step ahead and we are eager to show you the latest news and trends for the winter season 2014-2015. We have new proposals and ideas that you dare to give a different touch to your home. We anticipate that our new ...

Wood-burning barbecues

Barbecues are the best choice for cooking at this time of year. In Rocal you choose if you prefer a rustic or modern style interior and exterior barbecue, which, thanks to the quality of their materials, have a long duration. Look for energy saving while cooking, and also you will notice the differe ...

New models + Video Progetto Fuoco '14

The new products presented at the fair in Verona last week were well received on the international scene. The new models of chimney-stoves drew the attention of those who were seeking innovative design and a good quality as well. Soon you will have more information. Clik the link below to watch the ...

Progetto Fuoco & Fira de la biomassa

One of the most important events of the year is coming, the international fair "Progetto Fuoco" held in Verona. The main attraction of the exhibition is to present new technologies for alternative energy sources, mainly firewood. Furthermore, Rocal also attend the third annual fair held in Vic Bioma ...

Rocal wishes you a happy christmas holiday

On behalf of the entire team Rocal, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy winter holidays with the loved ones around. We would also like to wish you a happy new year and a prosperous 2014. See you soon!

Available from now the video of the new line

Available from now the video of the new line presented in Valladolid

Success at Valladolid exhibition

After three intense days of the exhibition, Rocal team went home with a good sensation. The news presented were the main interest point, the 4 fireplaces-stoves BORN, VERTEX, OBAN, DROP and improved D-7, D-8 and D-10 were the most viewed alongside the new simplified Termohogar (capable of heat an en ...

Fireplaces New collection

We anticipate a small sample of the new collection of chimneys whose qualities and characteristics Rocal enrich the 2013-14 catalog. They stand out for their bold shapes, cutting edge design and modern stamp. As regards their technical characteristics, have an estimated yield of 80% and CO not great ...

First pictures from new collection.

Tomorrow Rocal will present the first detalis from the new fireplace collection, All of these fireplaces are thought to be presented to Expobioenergia, next Tuesday 22 of October.

Rocal on social network

Rocal is going to be into the social network to establish direct contact with users. Firstly, already has a blog ( where you can find different content around the sector and information nearest the products. It also has a new Facebook page ( wh ...

Rocal to the 8th edition of expobioenergia 2013

Rocal will attend to one of the most important events in the sector worldwide. Expobioenergia has become a reference point for all companies that rely on renewable energy, sustainable for the future and environmentally friendly. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Rocal will present a sampl ...

New model

The main characteristics highlights of this new fireplace are: - Outside air - Double combustión - Control of primary and secondary air - Fumes register to output - Crystal mirror - Optional foot

Rocal present at the 2nd Biomass Trade Fair held in Vic

Last week was held with great success, the 2nd Biomass Fair in the city of Vic and where Manufacturas Rocal participated presenting new proposals that have been working our technical team. In this issue, the level of attendance of exhibitors has increased significantly and the number of visits has ...

HABIT TC: Three better than one!

We introduce a new model of stove. This is a coating that transforms the RCR 70 TC in a stove, using all the qualities and combustion technology of RCR range. The front and side glasses and allow a wide view of the fire to 3 sides.

D9, now
with door

We added a door to D9, winning energy efficiency and safety. The two crystals are mirror effect. As an option, with foot

RCr: We extend
the range

The range RCr keeps on growing: we incorporate an open side (RCr70 LD / LI) and a triple face (RCr70 TC). We also add a RCr100! Check availability.

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